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3D Model

Fraxus' 3D Scaled Physical models help achieve the purpose of demonstrations and understanding of larger complex structures/machinery/designs etc. These are descriptive replicas of the existing projects. The models are also used to take insights into proposed projects to give an overall view of how it will look in reality upon completion. Since this service finds use in a variety of sectors, it becomes a very customised process and requires special preparation and attention to detail every time we take on a new job in hand!

Why 3D Physical Models?

A 3D Architectural Model can help clients and stakeholders visualize a project. All humans are visual beings who are able to grasp spatial concepts much better if they can see or feel them rather than imaging them. Recent studies show that 90% of transmitted information in the human brain is visual.

Everyone involved in the construction design process will benefit from 3D visualization. 3D models can be very realistic, allowing both clients and the design team to better understand the scope of the project. This also results in fewer surprises down the road as everyone is on the same page while working towards a common goal.

Architects and Engineers can also manipulate 3D models in a way that they cannot with traditional 2D drawings. Professionals can plug in different options into the 3D scale to test potential scenarios. This can help confirm their decisions and identify any problems early on.

Any Professional in construction design knows that a building project is in a constant selling process. The clients need to be sold on the architectural design and development choices throughout the process. A well designed 3D model can also be a crucial marketing piece for a firm or for the client. Showing a visualization of the project allows the client to get excited about it. This results in a more positive reception of the finished project.


How do We work?

Fraxus 3D is a leading company that provides top-notch 3D modelling, printing and prototyping services. With a team of skilled designers, we can create 3D models for a diverse range of projects, from buildings to jewellery designs. Fraxus is at the forefront of 3D printing technology, offering unparalleled quality and precision. Our services are available to a wide range of industries, including architecture, fashion, computer manufacturing, automobiles, highways, railways, education and training. Fraxus 3D takes custom orders and inquiries from clients all over the world, ensuring that their customers receive tailored solutions to their unique needs. We are titled as Best in 3d printing, 3d prototyping and 3d model maker in India.


We create our 3D physical models using 3D printing technology. We start by creating a 3D rendered model of your building in our CAD software and then export it to our 3D printer, which can print in any colour. We can print brick, stucco finishes, metal finishes, and virtually anything else you need to show.

For windows and glass buildings, we use acrylic sheets laser cut to fit into your model. Once the pieces are all 3D printed, we start to assemble them onto a board where we apply landscaping and other features to make it come to life and look even more accurate.

Sound like a lot of work? Well, it is! For this reason, the price of these models can be quite high depending on how large you need the model to be. Send us your drawings and the size you need the model and we'll reply back with a price within 15-20 minutes to make your 3D physical model.

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